Are there any particular songs that remind you of someone you've met ?

@colega17 (312)
April 9, 2007 9:36am CST
I've got some . . . What about you . . . Name the song and the person if you want :)
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@crizzy18 (37)
• Romania
13 Apr 07
Yes,as the matter of fact,I do have.They remind me of my ex-boyfriends,and sometimes I get very sad when I listen to them.For example:''Enter Sandman'',from Metallica reminds my of the one person that I really loved,Tav.And it's a very sad song to me,because I am no longer with him,although I loved him like my own soul,and I still do.Other songs that might bring up some memories,but sad ones(once again)are those from Sade,especially ''I miss you''and "By you side''.They remind me of my last boyfriend,Madalin,whom with I shared some very special moments on that song...=))I cared for him,too,but we had to breake up,because we just didn't get along with eachother anymore...But the saddest songs for me are''Forgotten'',''Slipped away'',''He wasn't'' and ''Fall to pieces'',from Avril Lavigne...Because I used to listen them a lot ,after I broke up with Tav,and I was in depressive mood.I almost tried to kill myself, at the thought that he was no longer mine,but I got over this problem.Now,everytime I listen to these songs,I remember what beautiful moments I had with him,and this is what helps me go on.So,I am very influenced by the music I listen,especially some songs,with whom I idetify with,and which represent everything that I am.
• United States
9 Apr 07
*I do that all the time. If I hear a song (Eye Of The Tiger) that was playing at a job I worked at I remember that time. If I hear a song from an old boyfriend (I remember You) I remember him,