what are your plans for this summer?

Boracay at sunset - This was taken by my sister when she went to Boracay two years ago. Too bad I was not able to go with her.
April 9, 2007 9:47am CST
It's summer time already and I know that many of you take advantage of this season to go on vacation and enjoy the sun. I have always loved the beach and make sure that I go to at least one beach resort every summer. I love being in water and I love the color my skin gets from enjoying the sun and water at the same time. If you ever go to our country, the Philippines, don't miss Boracay as it is a really nice place to spend your vacation on.
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@ryanphil01 (4184)
• Philippines
10 Apr 07
summer in the Philippines is spent in so many ways. while most of the Filipinos want to spend their vacation to some other places during summer, others prefer to stay behind their work or at homes. school time is over so most students want to do other activities like going to beaches, study painting, do part time jobs, or simply help their parents do the chores at homes. its' time for the young boys to undergo the usual "initiation rites" to manhood, called circumcision. while others like me, will spend ther summer online business. i will have all the time to surf the net and do my earning money programs. perhaps towards the end of april, i plan to go the beaches around davao together with my loved ones and enjoy the waters.
@mayenskie (1307)
• Philippines
9 Apr 07
hi michele! Well, i am not planning exactly to go somewhere like out of town trips to beaches because i can always go to my uncle's house. His house looks like a typical resthouse of foreigners or very well off family. It is built fronting a white sand beach. Nobody lives there now since my uncle's family lives in Germany. I guess i am fortunate enough not to be able to shell out money to get a view of something like Boracay. As of this moment, my only plans for the summer is my online cash quest since i got a lot of free time now. So how about you? Been to Bora already? I had watched a news about Boracay last week, the video shows it was really really crowded. The place was overflowing with local and foreign tourists. Its good for the business of local people but for me, i might not enjoy being there with too many people.
@bongmix (267)
• Philippines
9 Apr 07
we are planning to go to boracay this may . we are now saving money to enjoy our stay there, we need atleast 20k each so that we can buy what we want, and we can stay ina nice cozy hotel