Friends on Yahoo messenger

April 9, 2007 11:08am CST
Hello everyone,How many friends do you have on Yahoo messenger?Are you in contact with everyone on the list?Have you ever had to block someone from your yahoo friends list?I have 36 friends on my list.But I am in touch with about 25 of them.The rest I have only occasional contact with.Some on my friends list are also my relatives.Do you like to keep them on your friends list?
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• United States
10 Apr 07
i have 27 friends on my yahoo lists, but i am in touch with only 12 of them .
11 Apr 07
It is really difficult to keep track of all of them because we move to different places due to jobs, and other factors.And sometimes,subtle differences also cause minor conflicts which though not flared up,are enough to keep away from them.I know that it happenned in my case.some of my friends whom I knew when I was in US,did some silly things due to which we got cut off from one another.I even re-contacted some of them But they don't contact me anymore.It is disheartening but nothing can be done:)
@collstarx (1177)
• Indonesia
9 Apr 07
Yes I ever had to block someone from my yahoo freinds list, because They only want me to join that live video website. Best regards
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9 Apr 07
I also had to block some friends but that was not on yahoo,it was on hotmail.That email id expired anyway recently because I didn't access my hotmail in more than a month!
@lonely_f16 (2146)
• Philippines
9 Apr 07
yes but for those who are friendly and fun to chat with..i just don't like to add friends just because we are friends here in mylot
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@azilanohj (286)
• Philippines
23 Apr 07
I don't know exactly how many friends i have in Yahoo Messenger. Some of the list in my friends list there is I don't personally know, some of them is only my chatmate but most of them is my friends here in the Philippines and also my relatives.