Reasonably Priced Breeders in Florida?

@willfe (149)
United States
April 9, 2007 12:36pm CST
Are there *any* reasonably priced chinchilla breeders in the state of Florida? I'm loathe to just buy a chinnie from a pet store (overpriced and it's the usual "they probably aren't well cared for" story there too) but I've been seeing prices running from $100 to $150 on the little critters on individual breeder's sites and that seems a bit high (if a pet store is charging $150 they're surely marking up by a good 50%). I have found a few "rescues" for about fifty, and that's the best option for me right now (I'm fond of the idea of helping rescue one of these little critters), but I'm just curious if I'm missing something or if that really is as good as it gets out there. Opinions welcome :)
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