favourite pet

bear cubs - considering that this is a wild animal, it seems weird to place it here. still there are people who have taken a liking to this wild species.also, there are a number of small children who like to play with teddy bears.this, thus, is not unusual anymore, hence this choice.
April 9, 2007 1:58pm CST
considering that few people have time to love their brethren,it seems absurd to ask this question yet for those who love pets, it is a natural one and so the answer to this question also must come naturally.take no time to think. just close your eyes and type down your favourite pet.......having done that,think about why that pet is so special to your life. is it something that it has done for you or is it a sickness that brought you close....whatever it is just jot it down and let everyone know your experiences.........
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