kiss type

April 9, 2007 2:06pm CST
how many kiss type do you know, which kind of kissing is the best.
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@Jennifer21 (2476)
• United States
9 Apr 07
Trade off kiss: one of you takes a cinnamon stick and the other a mint, while french kissing switch them from time to time. Breath kiss: In a hot moment-creates major anticipation-barely touch lips with lips slightly parted...then breathe your partners breathe moving heads slowly for different sensations. Teasing sort of kiss, builds passion. Suck kissing: This can be a very seductive type of kiss. Instead of french kissing with mouth open, suck on your partners top or bottom lip. Nip kissing: Do the suck kiss but add some 'nibble' to it. Last but not least, the french kiss: I think we all know how to do that one. And I'd have to say my fave kind is the french kiss.