Have you ever tried the Halti Collar on your dog?

@theponch (198)
United States
April 9, 2007 3:42pm CST
It's as easy as pie to lead your dog on this type of a collar. No more pulling me off the front steps or running into the street. I got mine from petsmart, but I see that amizon.com has them cheaper. I can walk both my cattle dogs at the same time with one finger. Are you having trouble with walking your dog on a regular leash?
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• United States
11 Apr 07
And it's so much better for your dog. Your right, no pulling or tugging. Of course my spoiled little baby usually doesn't have to worry about his collor or anything like that. He hates collars and clothes but he loves sitting in his belly pouch. I carry our Shih-tzu in a belly pouch like a baby carrier. I got it at petsmart too. Everyone thinks he's so cute sitting in that thing. You should see it. I must take a picture of it sometime and post it here.
@beaniegdi (1965)
9 Apr 07
I use Halti, I think I just bought it from the local pet shop. They are brilliant and if you have a dog with a tendancy to pull then this is a must have. They find it impossible to pull because of the design which is like a horses halter, it is not cruel in any way and is in fact kinder for the dog tht tends to pull.
• United States
19 May 07
OMG, that is brilliant! My dog is quite active on walks because my husband lets her be the leader, but when I walk her I like to keep her out of trouble. As a result, one day when I took her for a walk I ended up severing my pinky toe because she tried to run of without warning. I'm just afraid that she will cause liability for us if she injures the pet sitter. I will definitely go get a Halti Collar for my baby. Thanks for the recommend!
@palonghorn (5483)
• United States
11 Apr 07
Not sure of the brand that I bought, but if it goes under their front legs with padding there, kinda like a halter, then yes I use one, I have a large dog and have been using that with her for over a year. she does wonderfully now. She also knows to sit when we come to a street crossing, and I had a little boy across the street one day watching her, and I heard him say to his mom ' look that dogs knows to stop and look both ways before crossing' lol