Great Discussions: Quality Content vs. Replies

United States
April 9, 2007 5:35pm CST
I've always wondered two things. First thing is I've wondered if you get paid more for making a great topic with good quality content, or do you get paid more for lots of replies to your topic? Next, I am wondering what do you other members think personally makes a better topic lot of replies or good content?
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@BrainTeaser (1430)
• Pakistan
9 Apr 07
Well for the first thing i think you are credited for both as if you start a good topic with quality content you'll certainly get plenty of responses and in this way you'll get more and more credits for every response you get.Secondly well i think as its a paid forum people tend to choose easy topics so that they will get more and more replies for the topic and that will increase their credits aswell,if they choose to write good quality content and it seems there is none whois interested to answer that,well it will all go wasted as topics with no or few responses wont be taken as good topics,as not all people can write about just everything and they are sticking to their interests and perhaps just responding to their friends started topics.