Age for love

By Amy
Abernathy, Texas
April 9, 2007 5:54pm CST
Its said - at least by me - that age doesn't define a person. I always felt more mature when younger and would often fall for older guys - some that my mom worked with who, like my mom, had been around the world and could easily discuss politics, books, ideas, philosophies for hours. They valued my opinion and input to conversations and never talked down to me. Unklike most my own age that I knew - as far as interests. They were usually also friends of the family. I actually had a crush on one friend of hers - still remember his name - Dan Bradbury - who was I think in his forties. Though romantic and idealistic - I was also shy and kept this adorations to myself. Her friends/collegues were far too ethical to make a move on me. I guess my questions is - what do you think of May - December relatonships? When based on love and mutual interests and ideals? What about the more contreversial switch - girls who like younger guys - like Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher? Why do you think society is more accepting when its the other way around?
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