Lipsticks that is dangerous to Health?????

lipsticks - lipsticks contains lead??????????
@gwyn12 (177)
April 9, 2007 7:55pm CST
There are rumors that lipsticks which are long lasting contains lead. Lead is a substance which is dangerous to our health, exposure to this is poisonous and kinda dangerous. News says, Revlon etc and other long lasting lipsticks contains lead. To tests if your lipsticks contains lead, ut some lipsticks on your palm then rub it whith your gold ring if the color change, absolutely that lipsticks contains lead cause lead reacts when mixed with gold. Try it! You may be save from getting cancers and some other disease!
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• China
10 Apr 07
hi ,hearing your words ,i must buy my gf a gold ring.and request to clean her lip when kissed.hehe,have a joy!!good luck girls!!
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@jmcafam (2890)
• United States
10 Apr 07
I think that this is false. The other day on the news here they were going over rumors and this was one of them. The anchor man said it was a falsehood and just a rumor that was floating around.
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