Alonso or Kimi?

April 9, 2007 8:27pm CST
Who do you support now that Schumi is gone? Kimi or Alonso? I still support KImi. He is an excellent driver and he has proved it many times and I'm sure he will prove it again. The problem for Alonso is he is with Mclaren who had a lot of troubles last season. But this is a new season and he stands a good chance.
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@Rolf46 (162)
• United States
11 May 07
This is a difficult question for me.. I have been a supporter of Kimi for several years now, but then again I have always rooted against Ferrari.. not because I don't appreciate the autos, but because MS and the team just seemed too powerful.. Now that Kimi is with the Tifosi it is a strange situation for me.. I find myself still rooting for him, but not his teammates. I am also finding that is nice to root for Hamilton.. a complete newcomer to the circuit. It would be amazing to see a rookie take the big prize in the highest form of motorsport.
• Malaysia
14 May 07
hey rolf.. i'm totally with u on this! I've been a supporter of McLaren since the days of Mika Hakkinen. When Kimi made his debut with Sauber, I supported him too..:-) And then, when Kimi moved to McLaren, that's even better! I'm really against Ferrari because of MS too.. eventho' towards the end of his career I sorta like him a bit..hehehe Don't really care abt Alonso though.. But I think Kimi is the most unlucky driver... ;-( it seems like car failure sticks to him like magnet.. i thot after joining ferrari who is known for their reliability, this kinda disappointment will cease.. well... nowadays i only support kimi.. can't find it in my heart to support mclaren anymore with alonso driving for them..
• India
22 May 07
I come across many people who dislike Micheal Schumacher and Ferrari, just because they have been very dominant over the past few years, yet how many of these people even know the effort that Schumacher and Ferrari had to put to get to where they got? When Schumi got to Ferrari, they were nowhere on top, yet it was his professionalism, along with the efforts of Ross Brawn (technical director)and Rury Byrne (chief designer) who moved to Ferrari from Benneton, along with Schumacher, that made all the difference. Kimi, though very talented, does not even have a small fraction of the discipline that Micheal had. If Ferrari are on top today, it is because people the likes of Schumacher, Barrichello, Eddie Irvine and now even Felipe Massa have spent hours upon hours, testing the equipment and providing critical feedback to the engineers and technicians. Everybody knows how self-centered and unprofessional Kimi Raikkonen is. He is fast, but thinks too highly of himself. His dedication to the team is zero, if you take away what he does for himself. Alonso is being thoroughly upstaged by his younger teammate who is a far better driver than he is. Hamilton is also better than Kimi, as proved even in the Spanish Grand Prix, when he overtook Kimi in the first corner itself. Note that Hamilton's overtaking took place before the Aloso-Massa incident, and full credit goes to the rookie. I think this season is going to be a fight between Felipe Massa of Ferrari and Lewis Hamilton of McLaren. In both teams, the more hyped about and touted drivers and going to take the backseat.
• Romania
17 Apr 07
I support Kimi too. I don`t like Alonso. I hope Kimi proves this year that he is a better driver than Alonso. I also like Hamilton but that`s another story! Anyway good luck Kimi!
@j4ckpot (30)
• Indonesia
13 Apr 07
same, i still support kimi too,i hate alonso. I love ferrari so much...but until the last race in sepang kimi not yet show his ability
@darkness01 (1303)
10 Apr 07
I have always been a Ferrari Formula1 fan and so i am supporting Kimi Raikkonen. Alonso is a great driver but i dont like his personality, his lavish celebrations after a race win by pretending to be some kind of eagle on his car is strange. Kimi is a more laid back person who likes to do his talking on the track and i respect that and thats why he is my favourite driver. Granted, he sometimes speaks too quietly for anyone to here him but he is a class driver and i have no doubt he will be world champion at the end of the season. Ferrari wont be constructors champion because of a certain Felipe Massa but thats a different topic for a different day.
• Lithuania
10 Apr 07
I like both of them Alonso and Kimi...If i must chose one - i would prefer Kimi. Can't say why, maybe due to his quiet nature and style of driving.Afetr first racing inAustralia i was dissapointed in personality of Alonso...when he refused asking members of votary club to make a picture . It wasn't polite behaviour even Alonso wasn't winer. Mailayzian racing gave a victory to Alonso.Kimi was third... But season just started. And it is difficult to prognose how it can develop in the future. By the way president of Formula-1 pronoses that this season champion will me F. Massa. Who knows...Let wait and see
• China
10 Apr 07
yeah,I support kimi too.Last season because Mclaren had too much trouble,they prevented kimi even to gain a champion in a site game.these season there is much diffrences ,I`m sure he will get the final champion these year!