How Dangerous are Choacolates?

By Nic
@academic2 (7009)
April 10, 2007 1:50am CST
I have been worried about my sugar levels lately. This has made me phobic about anything sweet, and I now eat my favourite choacolates with a lot of reservations. Are choacolates bad for those at risk of diabetes?
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@idowrite72 (2214)
• United States
10 Apr 07
check the carbs on the chocolates. As a level 2 diabetic I eat chocolate, but in moderation. You are able to eat what you want as long as you don't eat too much of it. I am allowed approximately 45 carbohydrates every 3 hours from sweets, fruit, pastas, breads and milk and milk products. Works for losing weight too!
10 Apr 07
Those suffering from diabetes can enjoy an occasional chocolate treat if they exercise restraint and moderation. One of the reasons that an occasional chocolate bar is OK for diabetics is the fact that the sugar in chocolate is absorbed more slowly than that found in many seemingly innocuous foods, such as white bread and even mashed potatoes. This means that the body has a bit more time to deal with the rise in blood sugar caused by sugar. It is important to keep in mind, however, that too much chocolate can lead to obesity, which is a complicating factor for diabetics. It is possible for those suffering from diabetes to further slow down the absorption of the chocolate they enjoy by eating that chocolate treat as part of a meal, or enjoying it as a post meal dessert. The food in your stomach will help to further delay the absorption of the sugar, thus helping to mitigate the resulting rise in blood glucose levels. As with any type of food, however, it is important for diabetics to limit and moderate their consumption of chocolate and other sweet foods. It is also important for diabetics to discuss their diet with their doctor, and to carefully follow the recommendations of their health professionals. No one dietary plan will be right for every patient, and open and honest communication with the doctor is one of the best ways to avoid the complications that may result from having diabetes. Many diabetes sufferers wonder about the special chocolates made with diabetics in mind. Like any other type of food, these diabetic chocolates can be either good or bad, depending on how they are consumed. When eaten as part of an overall healthy diet, diabetic chocolate can make a wonderful addition to the diet, but when consumed to excess this special chocolate can be just as fattening and dangerous as any other sweet treat. While the diabetic chocolate is designed to not raise blood glucose levels, it still has plenty of calories, and it is important not to think of this special chocolate as a license to overeat. It is also important for diabetics to keep in mind that diabetic chocolates typically are sweetened with a type of sugar known as polyol. It is important to know that polyols, such as the sorbitol often used in diabetic chocolates, are carbohydrates, and as such excessive consumption of these products can still raise blood glucose levels. In addition, polyols can also act as a laxative, resulting in a bloated and uncomfortable feeling. This is yet another reason that diabetics should not consume too much of these sweet treats. So the bottom line is this - chocolate can form a part of a healthy diet, even if you suffer from diabetes. The key to enjoying these sweet treats while still staying healthy is to eat everything, including chocolate, in moderation. Too much of anything, whether it is white bread, potato chips or chocolate, can be harmful, resulting not only in complications from diabetes but in obesity as well. We all know that obesity is a serious health concern, and obesity is particularly dangerous to those who suffer from chronic health conditions like diabetes. I hope this helps a little. I pasted it as I have been reading a lot of negative things about posting links on mylot. Type in diabetes on your search engine and lots of things will come up. Good luck.