When does a My Lot member get a star symbol beside their username?

April 10, 2007 2:04am CST
Here I want ask you a question. I am watching that there are different colourful star symbols besides some members name,lime red, blue etc. Now, my question to you is, when does a member get a star symbol? and what do the red and blue coloured stars mean? Could anyone help me regarding this?
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@RLH4871 (163)
• Singapore
10 Apr 07
When you have reached your 100 posts. You can see the number in bracket right after your name. When the number reaches 100, you will be assigned a star. The number in the star indicates your reputation in mylot. Ratings vary from 1 - 10. The higher number that you get represents the better reputation you are in mylot. You can also see the percentage of the star ratings by pointing your mouse to the star.
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• India
10 Apr 07
Thank you very much for answering my question and solving my queries. I am also very happy that 5 members have responded to me and helped me to ssolve my query. Thanks to all of you.
@happylim (659)
• Malaysia
10 Apr 07
The star with a number within is an award to you when you reach the 100 marks. For example when you send off your 100th post of response or discussions, a colour star having a number within it will pop up beside your user name. You have another 90 responses or discussions to post for reaching the 100 posts and a star. The colour of the star and the number within the star is the rating from the members for your posts. For example my rating is 8 so my star is yellow. If I get a nine later my star will be red. The highest rank of rating in mylot is a blue star with a number 10. Hoping this brief explainations are helpful to you.
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@jengrin (947)
• Philippines
10 Apr 07
welcome - welcome star
Before anything else I would like to welcome you here in mylot community. You will receive the star beside your name when you reach 100 posts. The star showe your repution here in mylot. It will go up and down depending on how the other members rate you. So keep posting quality discussions and responses.
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