What about the music's messages?

Newsboys - This photo is a face shot of all the Newsboys, and although the photo may look a little odd, the music simply cannot be beat.
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April 10, 2007 2:56am CST
We've all heard the funky, bouncy, techno-pop tunes, rythm, and jive that made the Newsboys famous- who can forget the first time they heard "Who," or "I'm Not Ashamed"? But all the same, does anybody here accidentally lose themselves to the beat and forget what a proud, profound message the music carries? One of my favorite songs, for example, is "Your Love is Better Than Life (I Dunno)" Listen to the beat, and listen to the words: I dunno nothin' that I haven't been taught, I dunno why I was born into the family I got, I dunno if I ever had an original thought, Maybe not, maybe so, maybe later, I dunno I dunno how I can end a prayer and turn on a friend, I dunno what I was thinkin' when I just pressed send, I dunno why I still criticize the things I don't know, I dunno, I dunno, I dunno, but this one thing I know: We get caught up in the beat, and the cleverness of the lyrics, that we forget to consider what the lyrics actually mean. Has that ever happened to you? Let's not abandon the Newsboys, not by any means. But, does that ever happen to you? Discuss the lyrics and how you can lose yourself in them.
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17 May 07
The point you've made is precisely why I listen to Christian music. It's easy to lose yourself in a well crafted song, however those lyrics are still impressing themselves in my subconcious and when I least expect it the lyrics I've been listening to suddenly pop out at me. This is true no matter what music I'm listening to, so I try to listen to music whose messege I don't mind coming back to hit me in the head later. Newsboys do this to me a lot. I remember when I first realized that their song WHO has a line that states that God is both "fearsome like a sag in a fat man's chair" and "tender as a booger in your microwave." While these are kind of silly images, they are also quite vivid pictures and in the end, rather accurate. I mean, seriously, I've seen some fearsome sags in chairs when sat upon by certain of my friends... and God is indeed that fearsome and more.
@mi2ok02 (406)
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25 May 07
This is what I would say happens to me. But seriously, it doesn't happen to me that much. I know when I like a song and I know when I don't though. Sometimes the lyrics are really good and the melody is what turns me off.
@cher913 (25861)
• Canada
10 Apr 07
Yup, huge fan of the boys, but i hear ya...for instance, who knew who John Woo was? (of the cd Thrive) i didn't until i asked someone... While i love their tunes, sometimes their lyrics are puzzles...
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11 Apr 07
No, I think you're missing the point of what I was saying: I didn't mean the lyrics are hard to make out, what I meant was, is it possible that while we're listening to the music, we miss the significance of the lyrics.
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