How much you EARN on mylot??

April 10, 2007 4:08am CST
Hey Guys i have joined recently. I want to know that how much you earn on Mylot?? how much time do you work here?? Is is easy to make money?? How many posts can get me 5$ per day??
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• Philippines
10 Apr 07
I have been here only 4 days and I have earned $3.28 but it will be updated in an hours so it'll be about $4.++. I guess I'm earning a $1 a day and that's 50 posts each day! If you really want to earn that much money, I don't think that you can do it here at mylot unless you post 250 quality posts. It's really hard! I can't calculate how long I spend on mylot each day because I open multiple websites at once. Maybe around 5 hours? You have to make quality posts too if you want to earn money. If you live in the USA, you can join because you can make greater amounts of money there by just filling up surveys and offers. Try it out! =)
10 Apr 07
I earn about 50 cents for an hour and a halfs works, some people seem to earn a fair bit, to earn around $5 from what i have seen it would take a few hundred posts, don't take my word for it though.