Stupiest thing you have ever done (Challenge)

United States
April 10, 2007 5:02am CST
Okay, myLotians, I bet we have all done at least on thing that was REALLY stupid. And what's worse, I bet I can out stupid all of you. once, when I was going to the grocery store, a new friend drove by and honked her horn to sy hello. Not wanting to be rude to my new friend, I turned to wave and casually closed the door to my car as I did so and locked my keys in the car and my boob in the door!! Can anyone top that?!
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@Grandmaof2 (7603)
• Canada
10 Apr 07
We were in the middle of moving from the apartment into a house. We had to be out of the apartment by the end of the month so the new tennants could move in but the house wasn't ready for us yet. My husband was a maintenance man at the main hotel in the city and his boss said there was no problem he would give us a room till the house was ready. That worked out great he didn't have to drive to work as he was right there. We were there for nearly two weeks and on the one night I had gone in the bedroom and I curled my hair in rollers...that's what we did back then. My husband decided he'd take the windows out and give them a good cleaning. We were on the top floor and the windows faced the street with the sidewalk down below. He assured me he knew what he was doing and he wouldn't drop a window and yes he did do very well but not without the air getting blue when he got to the one window. The language was pretty bad and he was very mad. I hung my head out the bedroom window and I could see him fighting with the living room window as all windows faced the street. To try to cheer the mood I said Hi baby how's it going, no response he kept working at the window but because I thought it cheered him up some since the swearing stopped I started acting stupid. I asked him for a date and said some goofy things about spending the night with me, still no response he just kept working so I thought oh hell there's no fun in that so as I was coming out of the bedroom without looking at me my husband starts to confess about what trash is staying at this hotel and how som b----in hair rollers was trying to date him up, well I threw myself on the couch and I laughed so hard I nearly made myself sick. He tried to get me to promise I wouldn't tell anyone and I refused to promise. Too funny. You had to be there. Those windows sure were clean though !!!
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• United States
12 Apr 07
That's too funny!! I think I would have laughed myself into an asthma attack!! I'll bet he felt like a complete idiot when you finally told him!! DEo you remind him of it every time he washes the windows in your house? LOL!!