Why there are such person?

April 10, 2007 5:10am CST
currently i am living with my friends becasue we all study in a same univeristy in my country. but one of my housemates action really make me fed up. I am a smoker ans so is he. But he seldom bought cigarette for himself and always want to take from me and my other housemates. for me i will let him take. Now the problem is, actually he had his own cigarette but still, wanna take from others. Why? There was one day when he came and ask for the cigarette again but i left my last cigarette so i told him this is my last one so i can give you. And then i question him back and asking him where is his cigarette. Then he told me he still have his own cigarette in his pocket but just wanna try to smoke my cigarette. i become speechless at the time. Do you all think this is correct? i really fed up on him so everytime i bought new cigarette i will hide it at some place and smoke when he is not arround. What else can i do? Warn him not to ask cigarette from me again? but i dun want make the realtionship become worsen as we live togather and seeing each other evryday. Please help.
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