how do u think of abortion?

April 10, 2007 5:31am CST
im a sophomore in GZ and im going to have a debate test my motion is " abortion does more harm than good", plus im on the pro side will u plz tell me abt ur views on this motion? are u for or against abortion? thank u for sharing ur ideas!
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@tjaytiu09 (140)
10 Apr 07
I don't want a abortion happens to a woman! it is true that abortion does more harm than good, cause abortion can affect the cells in your body, because the baby is in the state of growing, but you stop it cause you will abort him/her! and this case also can be traced by the police, and if they will caught you, you are going to be living in the jail for a few years! And it is bad! It is also a sin from the god if you will abort your child, because you also kill a child without caring her/his feelings! You can also be thinking about it in your all life, because it is not easy to forget!