Challeges in life

April 10, 2007 6:34am CST
Hi all As we all know,in our daily life,we met all kind of challeges.Some might gave us a big headache,or some might ending giving us a big stress for the day.How to prevent this or solve this kind of problem?For example, i'm having pressured by my parents to follow their choices in choosing tertiary institution for studies.What if i go against their will?should i or not?
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@p0wcheee (97)
• Philippines
10 Apr 07
When it comes to choosing schools especially for college, I think what you want should go first and then compromise with your parents because they're the ones who's going to pay for it. Parents are there to guide you... especially when you don't have direction. But if you know what you want, fight for it. :)
• Malaysia
11 Apr 07
I do agree but you just wont know what kind of parents i have especially when ur mum divorced before and re-married.Its kinda hard to go against them nor compromise because they wanted me to go to polytechnics.
• Malaysia
12 Apr 07
erm.. in my opinion .. it's better to follow ur own decision.. it's ur interest anyway.. not theirs.. they can just guide you.. but never choose for u =)
• India
10 Apr 07
It is true that everyone of us has to face and take challenge in life. But the challenge should be in limit. First we should our strength then decide to take new challenge. Imitating others is not good. We should start with small chanllenges, this will give enough encouragement leading towards bigger challenges. If we have to success in life, we may have to take challenge. Constent review is essential of our failure and next time the same mistake should not be repeated.