be your best self!

lifeeee! - be ur best self!
April 10, 2007 9:23am CST
Hello people!!!in today's world everyone wants to be the best!this world is really competitive so to prove their ability and capablity people will tend to pull other people down to show their superiority!so for all you out here here are some great things you should bear in mind for your success! BE YOUR BEST SELF!! The good you find in others is in you too! The fault you find in others are your faults as well!!After all to recognise something you must know it! The possibilities you see in others are possible for you as well! Beauty you see around you is your beauty! To change the world you must change yourself! The world around you is a reflection a mirror showing the person you are! To blame and complain will only make matter worse! Whatever you care about is your responsibility! See the best in others and you will be your best! Appreciate beauty and you will be beautiful!! Love and you will be loved! Seek to understand and you wil be understood!! Teach and you will learn! What you see in others show you yourself! Give to others and you give to yourself!! Admire creativity and you will be creative! Listen and your voice will be heard! Show your best face to the mirror and you will be happy with the face looking back at you!So people be your best self by seeing the best in others!!!
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