Caring for angel fish eggs

United States
April 10, 2007 1:16pm CST
Has anyone ever had angel fish eggs hatch? We have two angel fish pairs who have started to lay eggs, but so far none have hatched. I have heard the first batch is usually a 'practice run' and may not be properly fertilized but each pair has already laid one batch. We have removed the eggs and put them in a separate tank so the other fish wouldn't eat/bother them. Any tips? Success stories? Thanks!
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• United States
21 May 07
Angelfish are cichlids that have been bred so often without their parents that some angelfish do not seem to know what they are supposed to do when raising their young. Angelfish wil lay their eggs on a plant leaf or other surface that is in a mostly up right possition. they may eat the first few batches of eggs either because they don't know what to do or there might be something wrong with the eggs. But once the parents know what to do they make great parents.I believe that parent raised angelfish (as well as other cichlids) are better when they are parent raised. Yes you might get more young by raising them apart form the parents byt yu will wind up with more "culls" or ones that are not as good as they should be. Plus if you let them parent raise their own it is less work for you.
• Australia
7 May 07
hello my friend has breed oscars whick also lay eggs just like the angel fish and what he had he's fish for like 3 months before the layed eggs but he had a cave inside he's tank this is where the fish layed eggs the cave was a ship that had a hole in it and he moved he's fish to a seperate tank because he wan cleaning the main tank and he left the oscars there for two weeks he told me that within two weeks he notice the female hanging aroung the ship wreck alot then one day she stayed their for a whole day so he tapped the glass asd as the fish moved he took a torch and pointed it inside the ship wreck and he told me he found small brown eggs so he just left the eggs there and within a week he found fry swimming around he's tank as soon as he found the fry i'e the eggs had hatched he removed both of the parents so they wouldn't eat thier yound and feed he's fry brime shrimp and within two months fry were nice adult oscars he gave me two male and female and kept some and sold the rest to a pet store so your first mistake was removing the eggs because the female needs to do something constantly to the eggs and also if you wnat the to breed but then in a seperate tank that has lots of plants and something similar to a ship wreck this is where the fish will lay the eggs and make sure you make raise the tempertaure a little higher and when you see some eggs keep feeding the fish as normal but DO NOT REMOVE THE EGGS if your conserned about the fosh eating the eggs then see which fish sits on the eggs constantly and remove the other one and also make sure you feed your fish food that is high in protien this will help the female reproduce big healthy eggs you do these steps and i GURANTEE you will have angel fry with two months good luck and hope that helped and ask me any questions if you need to and i will do my best to answer them