Do I keep Selling on Ebay as a Hobby or Start a Full Time Business?

April 10, 2007 3:32pm CST
I am keen to hear from people who have given up their 9 to 5 Jobs to start selling on Ebay Full time. I started Ebay as a hobby in 2005 and 6 months later gained Power seller status. I currently sell 20 - 40 items per week and although I would love to do more there just are'nt enough hours in the Day to Upload Listings, take photos and Post items etc. If I had more Time I think my Ebay business could really take off and become my main source of income. I have just set up a Website to support my Ebay listings and that is doing really well too, if I had more time and money I could put more effort into increasing the traffic to my online store and make even more money from Selling. I would be interested to know at what point do you decide to quit work to become a Full Time Seller? Did it just get too much or did other influences play a part?
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10 Apr 07
If you are certain that your items will continue to do well then go for it. I would love to work from home selling on ebay - I just need to find some products that will sell well and a supplier. Perhaps it maybe a wiser decision to reduce your hours to part time rather than give up your employment all together, that way if it doesnt work out all is not lost. Good luck with whatever you decide
10 Apr 07
I sell fashion items so there is always going to be a demand for clothes and we have built up a good base of suppliers over the last few years so the stock we are getting at the moment is really good. Cutting my hours to part time is the sensible option but I dont think my Boss would agree!
• Canada
10 Apr 07
I think if you believe you can maintain a steady income from ebay then go for it!! Ebay is much like starting any other business you have to commit the time to build your business...go for it if you enjoy it!!
• United States
10 Apr 07
I just do it part time You can make good money off of Ebay but what happens when you can't sell your items anymore or you aren't selling enough to make enough money for you to live off of? It is better to have your job there and use ebay as a parttime job. That is my opinion only though. If you feel you can make a good living off of Ebay go for it.