@vanities (11409)
Davao, Philippines
April 10, 2007 6:41pm CST
do you believe in it? actually i do believe..i got some experience on it but not on me personally but on my friend's husband who died years back when im still in college..hes driving a taxi that not actually its his own unit and its a sunday.. my friend narrate me on how was the last time he sees hes husband alive.. it goes this way..hes husband wake her up late afternoon to go for work while she was brushing her hair on the dresser her husband was standing on her back facing the mirror and she really saw her husband in the mirror with no head on it at first she was confused but just shrugged it off thinking that shes maybe dreaming or in a state of half sleep since she just woke up by his husband..later that night her husband did not go home and in the morning police come to her house to notify them that her husband was found dead somewhere in the highway dead and was been robbed and killed on the process..any similar situations? share plss..
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@gemini1960 (1161)
• Philippines
11 Apr 07
i cant really answer does not happen to me yet ..although i heared some stories about it but i dont think its true or just their imagination to confirmed on something superstition..
• Singapore
11 Apr 07
I am not sure if I believe in premonitions. After all, I cannot be sure if it might not be just some over-imagination on my part. But better safe than sorry, eh? So if I do think I have had a flash of premonition, I will pay extra care..
• United States
10 Apr 07
I've had numerous mystic experiences, so yes, I am a staunch believe in people's ability to have premonition. And I didn't even see the movie yet. LoL! Have you seen it?