have u ever done something u swore u would'nt do??????

@suzzs02 (631)
United States
April 10, 2007 7:01pm CST
have u ever done something u wore u would'nt do , well i did today i shocked myself , my neice adn nephew was in and they wanted to rent a movie, so i let them pick it out and what to my dismay this they choose snakes on a plane of course im scared to death of snakes and swore id never watch this movie when it came out, i would'nt even touch the case to read the back, what i saw on previews was enough for me , at first i said no, then i said well ok, so we got it and now as im sitting here writing this they r watching it im listening , i guess thats cheating but i know i would have nightmares, me and snakes dont get along my daughter dated a guy that owened a pet snake and i threw a fit until they broke up, do u think that was wrong i know this is a 2 part question lol, but he was'nt a good guy type the kind u want to bring home to momma, anyhow he would try to hug me and i just cringed knowing he touched that snake and once they said it got lose and lost it later found it in there couch, omg.. how can they sleep at night knowing there a one of them in the house, i could'nt sorry to all u snake lovers, but im only giving my opinion...
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11 Apr 07
yeah i sworn i would neva smoke in mylife time but i broke that i ve smoked a coupla ciggys now but and now ive sworn not to try em any more...
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@suzzs02 (631)
• United States
11 Apr 07
thanks for the response, and keep that promise,