To all Mylots addict!

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@gwyn12 (177)
April 10, 2007 8:49pm CST
MyLot is my favorite website. It is kinda addicting that once you start it it is hard to stop it! I spend 4 hours in front of the computer thinking of what topic to be post and to add comment to some topics.I am newbies here but I enjoy it a lot specially when I earn money. This site is one of a kind! I strongly suggests this sites to all my friends and acquaintances. This is the best paying website! I salute all the members here!
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@darkzzt (760)
• Canada
11 Apr 07
it is addicting for me also. i have less time to do other stuff when i am on mylot. the money really makes the experience more enjoyable.
• Philippines
13 Apr 07
yah i feel the same way too coz in mylot i am enjoying to post a discussion and respond to some discussion here in mylot
@BrainTeaser (1430)
• Pakistan
13 Apr 07
Mine too, even though i am not addicted yet but i like to be here but at the same time i post on other forums aswell its really informative around in forums good info for making money online and in mylot you can get info about anything in the world just with few words, quite good indeed.I welcome you in mylot dearest new member.
@gabs8513 (48708)
• United Kingdom
13 Apr 07
Yes I agree with you it is one great Site I joined because it was recommended The money I earn on here is my bit of treat Money but the Friends I have on here is my Payment I am on here most of the Day as I am disabled and my Friends are here and I just love it on here.
• United States
11 Apr 07
i do the same thing i get on here and think only 30 mins and before i know it it has been a few hours. i love it here. hubby laughs at me cause i play on here so much and make a dollar maybe 2 a day. like i tell him though i like the people and the chatting and making friends here. this site is so ful of people that care and share that it makes it a joy to be here. it is like a chat room that you have to wait to talk lol. i hope it stays like this always. i belong to some other sites like mylot but i only spend a few mins on each cause they dont have the heart this one does.