who has stolen my posts ?????????????????????????

@happylim (660)
April 10, 2007 11:17pm CST
Last night the record of my total post was (500) and I was so happy to announce that I had attained my goal. I had a sound sleep last night. But after waking up this morning the record of my total post droped to (495) which astonished me. My god, I have lost 5 posts! Is this the carelessness of mylot or the wrong calculation of the computer? If not, than who has stolen my 5 posts from my 500 posts? Have you ever experience this? Can anyone tell me why?
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@lkbooi (16101)
• Malaysia
17 Apr 07
Sorry to learn that you had lost as many as 5 points. I did lose 1 to 3 points too before. As far as I know the loss could hardly be traced. I suggest mylot to have a column “Loss and Found” t serve this purpose lol.
@cheongyc (5075)
• Malaysia
16 Apr 07
I think a lot of mylot users experienced before. It is either because we had responded to discussions which had been deleted due to violation of mylot guideline or our own response had violated the rule & got deleted.
@djmarion (4901)
• Philippines
11 Apr 07
i dont think your posts were stolen, who will do that anyway? and how would they steal it. most probably the posts are deleted by mylot due to some violations.
@freak369 (5050)
• United States
11 Apr 07
No one stole them. If you are missing posts, more than likely they were discussions that were deleted. If you replied to a thread that myLot killed or axed then your post count would be decreased. That's why it's important to reply to solid posts that don't violate the guidelines.