believe in superstition?

@KupoSin (680)
United States
April 10, 2007 11:48pm CST
afraid to walk under a ladder? afraid to pick up a penny faced down? afraid to break a mirror? well, these are all superstitions superstition can be defined as, "the irrational belief that future events are influenced by specific behaviors, without having a causal relationship." by Wikipedia. does any one of you believe in superstition? i for one do not. i believe that if you believe in something like superstition, it will happen to you. if you dont believe it, and you live your life how you want, youll avoid it.
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@angela2006 (1846)
• China
11 Apr 07
when I am a child,I do not dare be at home on my own,no matter it is day or night.till now,I am very afraid of sleep lonely.some days ago,my roommate went home,then there was only me oneself in our house,I could not get asleep until three o'clock.I tried reading books or listening to some music,when I felt sleepy,I turned off the light.but unfortunately,after which,I was not sleepy at once because darkness made me widen my eyes.
@jcchaton (58)
• China
11 Apr 07
I don't believe it, they are simply coincidence to me. I've heard that when you stand under an opened umbrella inside, you will cease to grow in your height. I did many times, and guess what I'm still one of the tallest girl in my class!