how to get money using mylot and paypal

how to get money frm paypal - how to get the money v earned from paypalaccount. i m a unverified member
April 11, 2007 12:21am CST
friends,i hav a query.just b4 a week i started my my lot account. i m earning only in cents.i just hav earned only 30 cents.say me some methods to increase my income using my lot.and also i m a unverified member in paypal.if i start earning in mylot and they say that ur money in ur account ll be transffered to paypal..ll paypal give check to unverified member lik me..what is the method to get our earning frm payapal.i m earning frm someother websites too.they too say they ll trasfer money 2 pay ll i get frm paypal...if u lik 2 know the other sites where i earn money just visit and i hav found one interesting site for earning its is thebest i ll say .at present this trick is available in usa,auatralia,canada,newzeland and united kingdom.check it out and register money ll shower on u. frinds please say me how can i get my money frm paypal..
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@chits3 (19)
• India
11 Apr 07
Same problem over here also, my earnings are also in cents, i guess the earnings are a direct proportion of what activities you do on the site, the more you participate the more you earn.
• Bangladesh
11 Apr 07
Thanks for your nice and informative post. I am also in the same boat with the problem to cashout by paypal. but I think in many forums those who exchange money with different processors can give you the best suggestion.
@coolcat123 (4391)
• India
11 Apr 07
To increase your earnings you will have to post more discussions and also a few questions in a day.More you will have to post as long post as you can to increase your earnings as mylot earnings pays by the count o total words in your post. I am too a unverified paypal user as you need to have credit card to be a verified user but till now have have been paid by mylot twice in my unverified account so their is no risk in having paypal in your payment inormation here. For getting the earned amount in your account you will have a minimum balance of 150$+5$(withdrawal tax) in your paypal account to ask for your check from paypal.It is very hard to earn so much in your paypal so if you believe on any other person having paypal account you can transfer your earned account to his and when he withdraw's his he can send it to your bank account but for lending your money to someone you dont know can take your all of the money. A friend from mylot too have his own paypal account but he can only earn 30 to 50 dollars which he transfers to my account and when I reach 150$ and recieve my payment I send his payment to him cutting 2.5$'s as tax which paypal takes is shared between us. For more information regarding paypal or mylot feel free to contact me by adding a comment to my response or by sending me e-mail to