Good Girls / Bad Boys

April 11, 2007 2:02am CST
What is it with good girls and bad boys. You see a beautiful girl with a lovely personality, but she's dating a real loser of a guy. The guy does some or all of the following; disrespects her, treats her poorly, cheats on her, beats her, takes drugs or drinks too much alcohol. Why do good girls choose losers as their boyfriends? How could they possibly have such a low self esteem when they are such nice people and have such wonderful looks?
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@RedEyes (77)
• Belgium
11 Apr 07
bad boys are open, they do not hold back, if they like you they say it and girls like that, plus bad boys look cool and sexy, they seem more independant. On the countrary the good guys seems to be boring, their life is much like the life of good girls. They often listen to what their parents tell them, they like to spend all their time with the one they like and all. Girls like to be wanted but they do not like to have someone with them all the time (or at least most of girls are like that).
@CyborgMC (173)
• United States
11 Apr 07
...And then these same girls will go on to complain about how there are no 'Good Guys' out there, then generalize and place all guys under the same umbrella of personality as the 'Bad Boys' they would rather date. They would go on to illustrate how 'All' guys are cheaters, sexist, disrespectful, aloof, inconsiderate, liars, and yes, in some cases abusive. These same girls would go on to state how there are no guys out there that doesn't fit this mold, but in reality, there are tons of guys out there that are just the opposite. They just have no interest in them, and therefore they overlook them, and since perception is reality, therefore they do not exist. So if you are a nice guy you have a couple of choices... You could A: Unlearn being the nice guy and everything your mother spent all those long years teaching you to get the attention of women that all the bad guys scoop up. Or B: If this is who you are, stay true to yourself and wait it out. There's a good chance though that with this method you won't get any action til you're 30, because this is usually when those same girls finally realize what they've been overlooking after they've spent most of their youth being mistreated by the 'Bad Boys'. Then again, some never come to this realization. ...then again you could be the nice respectful guy and actually get lucky and find a beatiful girl with a good head on her shoulders that appreciates that about you. Unfortunately, this is not the norm.
@kevin88 (48)
• United States
12 Apr 07
good girls want to change the guy. they ghink they can. its also the mother complex to accept them no matter how bad they are.
• Nepal
11 Apr 07
I never like people who don't have respect in other. those people themselves have low self confidence, so they do that to hide that.