it a murder?

God owns us - let God decides for us..
April 11, 2007 2:03am CST
based on what ive read,euthanasia is a physician-assisted suicide.killing a patient at the request of the family.if only,the patient is brain dead,comatose or otherwise incapable of letting it be known if he or she would prefer to live or die.OR killing the ill person at their request.. we all know that God owns us..but what if,it is being requested by your love one,because they can no longer contain the pain and you really feel that they are suffering,will you go for this thing?will you let euthanasia tkeover for the suffering of the one you love? on my own point of view,it is not a murder..but on the eyes of God..yes it is...only God can take away the life that he gave to us..and also,who is the crazy person who wants to see their love one suffering?i dont want to either..but i fear God..and we people,dnt have the right to tke awy life..and it very painful,seeing the one you love died because of this thing..
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• India
19 Jul 07
Euthanasia of late has been a hot topic of debate all over the world. It really is a means of miseries of a patient suffering from a dreadful and incurable disease. Euthanasia can be a murder if the consent for it is taken from a person other than the sufferer.
• Philippines
26 Jul 07
yeah..that's true..but for me,eventhough it is for the benefit of the patient,no one can take our lives but God..
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