How do you control yourself in the family arguement?

April 11, 2007 2:10am CST
Since I went into College, my parents always asked me to make decision by myself, they told me that I've been adult, I should learn to be undependent. So, gradually, I consulted them about my life less and less, including my studying, my job, my love, ect. Then, I've been defeatde for so many times, but I've been used to deciding what to do by myself. Now, I live in a city different from yours, so we always call each other. But almost every time, I will lose my temper when they try to give me some advice, they always seems to have generation gap with me, so we always quarrel on telephone. Everytime afrter I hung up, I will be repentant of what I did, but I don't konw how to control myself when I talked to them. The same thing always happened between my boyfriend and me, I konw the freqently quarrel must hurt both of us, but how can I control myself?
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