Women myLotters who are 30 and above..........

@syain1972 (1011)
April 11, 2007 3:38am CST
Have you suffered from any hormonal imbalances? What are the things that had happened to you? Care to share as I am currently going through a major breakout, missed periods and bloated tummy. Do you suffer the same effects?
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@Kaeli72 (1230)
• United States
11 Apr 07
Syain, I can help you with this. I'm going to quote you from a previous comment I left a few days ago for someone who had a concern regaurding weight loss: "I have that and more. If you were to shop around for all of these things, you'd be spending a ton of money. Tahitian Noni International[TNI] has this weight loss programme that's designed for women who are wanting to be healthy, lose weight, and/or over 40. The programme is very sucessful for men as well. www.tni.com/darrenandkaelidenny Then, go to the "women's health" section and you'll be able to read the products we have to offer under the TTP 40 and more. A month's supply of the vitamins, appetite suppessants and cleanse beverage will cost $170 USD. But, I can show you how to buy them at wholesale prices which would be $135 USD. Everything that is taken for health reasons from the TNI product line has some noni extract in it, that's why it's of higher quality and price. You're not getting something that has more junk and fillers than what you really need. There is nothing like that in ours. The vitamins listed below are all included in the TTP 40 line. The soy and fiber products are not included in the pricing that I previously mentioned. Vitamin A: vision and wellness Vitamin B: stress-buffering Vitamin B6: alleviate stress and mood disturbances (depression, anxiety and lack of energy Vitamin B12: sharp mind Vitamin C: repair of collagen as well as maybe effectivein lowering the risks of some types of cancer Vitamin D: helps the body absorb and use calcium Vitamin E: decrease mood swings, irritability, memory problems and depression Calcium: Strong bones and losing weight Magnesium: helps muscle tone of the blood vessels Chromium: reduces cravings non-GMO soy protein: helps control hunger fiber: makes one feel "full" Even if you're not at the age of 30-55, TTP 40 is great for people who want to lose the weight. My husband and I did the three day cleanse and it was very sucessful. He lost 9 lbs and I lost 3 lbs in three days." Also, there's a product called Body Balance Cream that puts the hormones back into your body gently because it's transdermal; meaning you put some of it on your skin. It's safe for any female from menstraul age and post age. During your premenopausal years, your body goes through a natural balance of estrogen and progesterone. In our years (I'm 33...so in about 3-10 years from now) our estrogen lvels fall 40 - 60% and progesteron declines to very low levels because we are not in the childbearing years. When this will happen, our bodies would be at an estrogen dominace state. Syain, I can go all day telling you about what your body is going through and how TTP 40 can help you. If you'd like, I can give you a call so I can talk to you personally. I am a certified TTP 40 Success Group Leader and we have many products to offer women like you. I can also tell you how you can get them at a nice discounted price. Just let me know how I can help you.