J-Dorama addict

April 11, 2007 5:03am CST
Hi there! I'm a new fans of J-Dorama (Japanese Drama) I like J-Dorama very much.. It's just different from ordinary drama I can fell the emotion of the film (^-^) woow.. I like Sekai no chuushin, One litre of tears, Hana yori Dango and many more. How about you? do you also like J-Dorama?
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• Philippines
31 Mar 08
yeah pretty much so. i like how they come up with such concept. here's mine! 1. Nodame Cantabile 2. Furin Kazan (gotta love Gackt!) 3. Hana Kimi 4. Orange Days 5. all of Kame's j-drama. lol 6. Honey & Clover 7. Kisarazu Cat's Eye 8. Fuma no Kojiro 9. Gokusen 10. Yukan Club (even though its Baka)
• Philippines
29 Mar 08
yeah of course they are inspiring... i even make a blog about it, it's still under construction though, but i can show it to you, here the link www.daemreviews.blogsome.com, i hope you like it...well as for jdorama, i like GTO, gokusen, 1 litre of tears, the queen's classroom, detective academy Q, ushi ni negai wo, firt kiss, and many more.
• Philippines
27 Mar 08
i've been watching j-drama when i was little. he-he! the very first jdrama ive watch was the their first taiga drama (forgot the title. lol) thats were i learned nihongo. i like taiga dramas and my fave were Musashi and Furin Kazan. my must see list: Orange days Nodame Cantabile (i soooooper love this) Gokusen Hana Yori Hana Kimi First Love Engine (love Tatsuya) Nobuta wo Produce (i love Kame here and Yamapi) IWGP (love this too) Kisarazu Cat's Eye ( the funniest jdrama ive ever seen) Densha Otoko (so heart warming) Honey and Clover ( i love Toma-chan here) Fuma no Kojiro (ala Shiinobi.lol) and a lot more!
@meleshia (624)
• Philippines
20 Jun 07
Yup, I love Jdoramas too! Here are few of my favorites: Gokusen 1& 2 Kimi Wa Petto Hana Yori Dango 1 & 2 Stand Up! Kurosagi Strawberry on the Shortcake Detective Conan (with Shun Oguri) Densha Otoko And these new series: Liar Game Bambino Proposal Daisakusen Seito Shokun! And I'm currently awaiting this (coming July 3rd) Hana Kimi (with Oguri Shun and Horikita Maki)
@pinkista (892)
• Philippines
2 Jun 07
Japanese Dramas really rocks as well as movies too ^^ Jdramas are only short but it's quite good unlike Cdramas and Kdramas they're too long enough to watch, it took i think 80 episodes like Jumong hahaha.
• Philippines
28 May 07
yah! I also agree with you, I love Jdrama... my most favorite Jdram actress is erika sawajiri
@MatsuJun (68)
• Italy
24 May 07
yeah I also really like doramas...but not only Japanese...i also like Corean and Chinese doramas ^^ If i can, i'd like to suggest to you some K and C doramas: My girl, Goong (korean) and Tokyo Juliet (taiwanese)