Who is more close to you?Mama or Papa!!

Parents care us more than anything - why we are partial about two of them.
@arkentos (213)
April 11, 2007 7:10am CST
we all are partial about our favourites between these two people who love us more than anything.we cry and run to one of these two laps always leaving other one waiting.why?Why is all partiality?we share our every thoughts with one and other remaining unawared about us.why?Do we feel uneasy to talk to the next person standing with us all the time.why is that?tell me...
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@Lifeless (2635)
• India
10 Dec 07
My mom is more close to me, and I am also more close to her.. She's been with me and my brother in all the tough times when our dad wasn't thr and was away at work.. She's always there to give us advice on anything we desire... She's not only my mom, but also a good frnd... I love her immensely...
@kunalvijan (3411)
• India
13 Jun 07
I think both
• India
7 May 07
i am very friendly with my mom.... i say qall things to my mother...
@kaka135 (14918)
• Malaysia
30 Apr 07
It's definitely my mum. Perhaps I'm a girl, I talk to my mum more often. We chit chat about a lot of tiny things, some gossips, and also my feelings. I find it a bit hard for me to talk these to my dad, perhaps I consider all these as 'girls talk'. To my dad, I usually talk something more serious, such as my career and financial issues. I guess my mum understands me better than my dad too, once again, perhaps both of us are female. :p Yeah, sometimes I do feel that I am unfair to my dad. He's there willing to help me and support me forever. But, I'll go for my mum more often.
@cherriemae (3370)
• Philippines
10 May 07
mama and papa - a picture of parents together..
the most closer to me is my mama because she knows me well..i love her so much, but not i'm saying that i don't love my papa, but my mama is my hero, she really give he support and care for me..she is a wonderful mom for me..she knows almost my secrets..she knows my sentiments in my life..i laugh and cry with her..
@alin123 (86)
• Canada
29 Apr 07
my dad
@mugha007 (17)
• Pakistan
11 Apr 07
parents are the most sacred thing on the earth God has given us to . we tend to reply to one of these two whom we think to be closer . we share our experiences and thoughts cause we know that evntually it is mother or father who will address our problem . we always feel uneasy discussing our prb with the third person cause we have a fear in mind that he/she will divulge it at any turn of life . thats the reason
• Philippines
14 Apr 07
My father is not with us anymore. I like him more than my mother and I am not ashamed to admit that. He doesn't talk much or show his love through words but I can feel that he loves us in the best way he knows how. When he was still alive, he will go to the market and cook for us. He never feed us junk food that is why we are used to having fruits for snack or boiled sweet potatoes, bananas, or corn. He was also the one who advised me to always fight for my rights, to be assertive but not aggressive.
• Philippines
11 Apr 07
My mom, is it because that she is the one who really cares much to me. She even sacrifice everything for my school. since highschool, they were seperated. And i chose to live with my mother. I really love her and i will do everything that will satisfy her needs now that im the one who is working.