do u even care to answer the discussions that have no responses??

April 11, 2007 11:29am CST
how do you answer to a discussion, do u click on the todays hot topic or top discussion or new user discussion or discussion from your intrest. do u care to answer the discussion woth no response.
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• Canada
11 Apr 07
i usually scroll down till i find something that interests me, then respond
@lestat_m (377)
• Philippines
11 Apr 07
Normally I start answering the discussion started by my friends, choose one that makes sense then take my time to reply... As for the discussions with no response, I really check it whenever I log in @mylot. Every mylotter doesn't want to have unanswered post right?.. so yes.. I care about it.
@tonyxxx (693)
• India
11 Apr 07
Yes many times I go through the link "discussion with no responses".The first few pages contain the discussions which have just been posted.But I go for the older discussions and see the pages more then 15 and above.Those pages contain discussions which are about 1-2 hours old.I go through these discussions and look for the topics of my interest.I try to respond to these discussions as after one or two hours it is difficult for a discussion to get a response.Though I would have liked to look for much older discussions which have got no response but there is a limitation to view them.Mylot provides pages upto 26 only for viewing the older discussions and the 26th page also contains a discussion which is about 2 hours old though it depends on the number of discussions posted and which are without any response.But this is a usual trend and it is difficult to find discussions older then about 2 hours which have no response.This way good discussions which have gone unresponded may get some response.I do this as sometimes even good discussions may go unnoticed due to the large number of discussions being posted by the members.
• United States
11 Apr 07
Justin, Often times I take the time to answer a discussion that doesn't have a response. I figure if I'm the first one to answer and I provide a thought out response that I have a good chance of getting chosen as the best answer. Like this one, nobody has taken the time to answer your question so I figured I would take a stab, and hope you gave me the best response. LOL... But seriously, I usually start with discussions started by friends and then go to discussions that have no responses before I even check out the hot topics where my answer will get lost amongst countless others.