October 19, 2006 12:52pm CST
I am a would be entrepreneur who want to go into infopreneur. Thank God i have found my place here on earth and want to make use of every opportunity he has given me. The kind of information i want to go into is small and medium scale enterprises as day in day out, more workers are retrenched from their various places of work. I am currently making exclusive research, i have been able to get over 40 of such businesses. To establish this venture, i need to get a complete computer system which is about $500 here. This is to aid me in typesetting. I pray you to please help me as i don't want this opportunity to foster self employment in my country pass me by. This is my own quota to the development of my country. If you wish to help me, please contact me at listec2010@yahoo.com. Your kind donation will be appreciated.
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