My Childrens contact with my ex partners mother.

October 19, 2006 1:06pm CST
Please could someone out there help me. My ex partners(we were not wed) mother is tyring to gain contact with my children. I have 2 children and she has not supported me throughout my relationship with her son. She disowned my daughter by redeeming an endowlment policy and has not acknowleged her birthday on several occasions. She has only seen my 2 year old son 2 times. The family have a lot of past issues both of her children were in care when they were children resulting in prison sentences for my ex and herion addication for his sister and still social services are involved with the sisters daughter. I am not refusing my ex partner seeing the children but I refuse to let them have any contact with his family is there anything I can do to avoid this. My ex has no parental resonsibilty but is threatening to take me court so that he can win and take the children to see his family. Please help.
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@sbeauty (5869)
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19 Oct 06
There is such a thing as grandparents' rights. You seem to be dealing with your own bad feelings here. Why don't you want the children to see their grandparents? If you have legitimate concerns, I would suggest consulting a lawyer to see if you have the right to prohibit visits. If your ex has unsupervised visitation rights, he can take the children wherever he wants.