postpartum depression

April 11, 2007 2:50pm CST
did you get depressed in any way after giving birth. i was depressed for a while. my daughter was born a little over 3 months ealy. so i had to have a c-section. the docor explained that becuase she was so small they had to cut a different way than usual so i would never be able to have a natural dilivery if i were to have anohter baby. so first of all i wanted a natrual birth with no drugs. so this didn't happen for me and i'll never get to feel the experience of natural birth. then because she was so early they had to pull her out and rush her to another room so the doctors could work on her. so i never got to see her until the following day. that was really stressful. and i never got to hold her until a few weeks later. what i was depressed about was not being able to hold her when i wanted or to see her come out and hold her right away and i couldn't breast feed either. so when someone else got to do these things i really resented them. i was jelous that they had a normal birth and got to see and hold their child. this lasted for about a year and a half. did anyone else go through a depressed state?
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@sizzle3000 (3038)
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18 Apr 07
postpartum is a very bad depression. I was diognosed a month after my daughter was born. I was told I had postpartum because I was the baby of the family until my daughter came along. I was the one who got all the attention from everyone and now my daughter got all the attention. I became violent and could not control my temper. I never harmed my child just everyone else around me. I got so bad that even my boss told me I had to go to the doctor. I was medicated for about one year and I am now fine. I do not normally believe in anti depresents but in my case the short use helped me a lot.
@emma412 (1156)
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19 Apr 07
The day when we came home I felt really overwhelmed and kept thinking "what have I gotten myself into?" but my mom was there with us and so supposrtive that it really helped. Other than that initial feeling I didn't have any other negative feelings about motherhood. Most of my friends had some degree to it so I was surprised that I didn't. I guess maybe I got all of that emotional turmoil out when I was pregnant, I sure had a lot of it! Haha...
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