This is childish.

United States
April 11, 2007 4:10pm CST
From what I have been told recently, someone has been pretending to be on AIM. Apparently from what I've been told is that this guy told one of my friends that I like this guy. Of course, my friend was smart enough to realize it wasn't me. Especially when he couldn't even get my middle name correct. I already know they are probably in my last period class. (Long story---some guy verbal harassed me for about a month or two before he ended up getitng suspended. The guy's friends don't like me. The catch? They are all in my last period class.) I thought this childish behavior would at least fade away when I graduated from Elementary school. Even as a Junior in High School I see people that act like they are three, four, or five-years-old. After awhile it starts to get annoying. Another day, another annoyance. I can't wait until I graduate from High School. =D
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