Can ferrets learn tricks?

@ddlima (14)
April 11, 2007 5:03pm CST
I really love ferrets, and am thinking on buying one for years. The problem was my sister's cats, but now shes moving out, and i'll buy my own pet. My question is: Can i teach something, some kind of trick to my future ferret? PS:(His name will be Johnny =) )
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@xayarii (72)
• Canada
1 May 07
I couldn't really get my to learn any tricks, but I wasn't devoted at all. So, stick with it and I'm sure they'll do fine.
@tmlnmr (1850)
• Canada
17 Apr 07
You can teach a ferret tricks but it will be trying on your part. Ferrets apparently have a memory like a seive. I got this off of the internet when I got my ferret so it is not my words. They were saying it will be like training a child, you have to be consistant and patient. It gave an example of training it to stay around your neck and they said that when they fall off or jump off in a loud voice tell them no and put them back around your neck. I never tried it with my ferret so can't say whether it would work or not. I know when mine gets into stuff it should, which is all the time, and I say no to her in a loud "authorative" voice she just hisses at me and continues on. Although sometimes she does listen. LOL. When I am saying no to the same thing all the time she will hiss at me but walk away. You will have to remember as well that ferrets are very curious and if they are going to be loose in the house, as mine is, then you will have to be careful that he/she doesn't get into dangerous stuff. Basically baby proof your house for it. Oh if you have plants she/he can get to she/he will be in them. My ferret also use to steal shoes or boots as well. She would hide them on people, I am still looking for some of my footware that she has taken a liking to. Another thing with mine is we had to put a chain on our sink plugs because she steals them to eat the rubber off of them. We have lost several from my little thief. LOL. She use to have a rubber hammer that came with her but she soon chewed that to the point of being dangerous for her. Anyway, I hope this info is helpful to you.