What do you think is the definition of 'honesty'?

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@patootie (3593)
April 12, 2007 5:56am CST
Well I'm not sure I really know .. I mean what is being honest all about ..?? Is it telling the absolute truth down to the very last detail or is it just telling enough of the truth to get by ..?? How would you feel if someone had been honest with you when asked a question but then you found out later that they had only told you part of the truth and that the bits they missed out changed the whole complex of what you had been told??
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@sigma77 (5385)
• United States
12 Apr 07
Sometimes the truth is plain in our minds. Other times, we see the truth as we believe it to be (which might not be factual). And sometimes we might twist the truth to make it fit the situation. Maybe the truth is true for some and not others. I think honesty is the truth as best we know it. But the mind and our interpratations might not be exactly thruthful. Well I managed to confuse myself on this one. Sorry.
@weemam (13377)
12 Apr 07
If I want told the whole truth I would feel as if I had been lied too , A half truth to me is the same as a lie , I think I would feel very let down that the person concerned hadn't trusted me enough to tell the truth , Better telling nothing than half a story as far as I am concerned xx
@wolfie34 (26790)
• United Kingdom
12 Apr 07
Honesty is like revealing your raw side, it's exposing your self to others and risking mockery, judgement and bigotry. I admit that I do hold things back mainly because I am very suspicious of some people and I am very wary especially if I haven't known the person for long. If I was completely honest to my housemate for example then I would be safely tucked up in an asylum by now (sometimes that might not be such a bad idea) sorry I digress on the other side of the coin if my friends are not honest or keep something back then it's their prerogative and there must be a reason behind it, either they don't want to offend me, or likewise they don't know how I will react, but if they know me well enough they should expect my response. I guess with some people you give them a small slice of honesty, see how they take it, if it goes ok then you give another slice. Never give your whole to someone because if they do break your trust or turn against you, then you haven't revealed all and lost everything!
@Naomi17 (624)
12 Apr 07
i would feel annoyed and let down i expect the whole truth and nothing but the truth lol My expectations are often not met and to me it the same as lying hiding the true truth.