did you try yoga to tackle insomnia?

@nimz143 (277)
April 12, 2007 7:50am CST
insomnia is a great problem , did you try yoga..... it worked for me ... would you give a try??
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@bluewings (3857)
16 Apr 07
I don't have insomnia ,but from what I have read ,yoga does help insomniacs to a large extent.This is because insomnia is mostly caused by stress related disorders.When we do yoga it calms us down and relieves our stress .With our stress level going down ,it's easier to sleep as we have less worries.It's a good way to address insomnia.Meditating could also help in lowering the stress level and in curing insomnia.
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@dana234 (2116)
• Spain
12 Apr 07
I´ve given it a try and have been practising Yoga exercises ever since. I still suffer from insomnia, but I don´t need sleeping pills anymore. I never thought that Yoga could have such a strong, positive impact on our health. I´ve been doing Yoga for 2 years now and my health problems have improved a lot.
@ktwags (52)
• United States
12 Apr 07
I am new to yoga and boy i hope it works, i also heard it reduces stress and hopefully that will work becausei have been very stressed out!
@shorva (923)
• Philippines
12 Apr 07
Yes I have. 2 years ago I was having sleeping problems and then I run into readers digest column about yoga. It says that it suppose to relax your body and everything so I tried it and that very night I slept like a baby. I don't think that I just got lucky because the next day I did yoga again and I get a good sleep again. I've not have insomnia since then, I swear.
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@lilaclady (28235)
• Australia
12 Apr 07
This is interesting, I have terrible trouble sleeping but I am fighting it myself as I don't want to go onto sleeping tablets. I think I may give this a go, thanks.
• United States
15 Apr 07
Ive tried yoga at home, but realized that i wasnt really doing it how i should be. So i went to a studio, and it really helped to relax my body, only thing is that from the time i get home and time to sleep, my brain isnt so relaxed anymore. To bad there isnt yoga for the brain! My counting sheep has turned into cows, pigs, rabbits, dollar bills...nothing works.
@Arkadus (899)
• Canada
13 Apr 07
While I wouldn't be willing to try yoga, due pureley to being less flexible than an I-beam, I might think of resuming my independant studies in karate. I seem to recall sleeping well while the classes were still available.