''Friend or foe?''

April 12, 2007 8:51am CST
Every one has friends,persons with whom you can feel at ease,and also who you can trust.But there always has to be a ''best friend'',the one with whom all the secrets are shared.and it almost always happens that some of your secrets,who are supposed to be''secret'' are no longer.why?Because your ''best friend'' ''accidetaly'' tells a ''little detail'' to someone,that person-to someone else,and so on ,until everyone know your deepest secrets.So,why should we share our most private thoughts and feelings with anyone??...They are safe in our heart,and this is enough...What's your opinion on this topic?I would like to hear it.
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@colega17 (312)
• Romania
13 Apr 07
I totally agree with you . It's like you've read my thoughts ;) . I have this thing . . . I don't know if I should consider it a problem - I don't trust anyone . I think it's a good thing because this way my secrets won't be revealed to anyone and I won't get hurt or argue with my friends about my secrets being revealed . It is better like this ! :) Yet if you really want to share something with someone , you should carefully choose the friends . . . and hope that they won't prove to be foes . . .
@yasaran (788)
• India
12 Apr 07
The world is like this and we cannot avoid it. It is hard for some to keep secrets. Well I will give you a suggestion. If you want a secret to remain secret and want to tell someone, post it on mylot. Assuming none of your friends know you on mylot, you dont have to worry about it being spread.