April 12, 2007 9:59am CST
What you think about pures.WE need thems or not?Why you like thems and dont like?And where can you up hit and how? I think pk with prues is more intresting , because you kill more fast then with mains.You need spend a lots of moeny for a good pures.Because arrows,mages,sciemys and lobsters. How it up? I reccomend up pure near monks{long jobs} Also flesh cawalers P2p you can experements monsters but you need do 2quests good luck
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• United States
18 Apr 07
they're a waste of time in my opinion. You can only get them good enough to kill like lvl 70s, and even then it's easy to get owned. Although I can't complain when a pures want to fight me and get owned, I don't think I've ever been killed by a pure.
• United States
17 Apr 07
i really dont like pures that much cuz they have low def and r easy to kill....they r also kind of annoying because when i am pking against a pure who is a lower lvl than me and he hits higher, he usually starts callin me a noob which gets annoying
@thegeek (73)
• Spain
16 Apr 07
I think its stupid, dont understand why... But maybe someone do? :D
@Roeizig (84)
• Israel
14 Apr 07
I love pures i have a pure mage lvl 27 combat and 43 magic, he ownz!! pking with pures is much more fun and easy. i also have a higher level, non pure melee char that sux and a melee pure which is really low level and have only attack\str\prayer but i like my mage the most.
• India
13 Apr 07
I am lvl 80 now, when i get my combat lvl to 100 + or so , i will definitely create an account for pure mage + pure ranger. It is really cool to have a pure account. On our mains we train attack strength and defense , but we still manage to have a good ranging or magic level. So the idea of pure is to act like a nerd and work only and only on ranging or magic. Ur character can hit powerful shots with a magic lvl of 60 itself which is easy to obtain. So i recommend a pure account.
@LTunited (39)
• Lithuania
12 Apr 07
I hate pures, but i have one, when I am in pk with main (ranger) my lvl pures ownz my and it`s very sad, but I took back everything I lost whan I am pking with my pure.
@uath13 (8204)
• United States
12 Apr 07
Pures are pointless unless you just don't feel like working on other skills at all. Pures can't deal with different situations as easily as a multiclass. Heck, some creatures are amune to all but one attack type, what if you have the wrong one? Waterbirth island would eat them alive. If a pure attacks me I can easily activate my prayer aginst their one style, I on the otherhand am capapable of throwing everything in the book at them. Lets see them use their prayer to stop all that. Of course if their relying on their prayer with no defense or armor then their in big trouble when I break loose with the dragon skimmie.
12 Apr 07
i dont own any pures, i really dont see the point in them.
@Lafesta1 (23)
• Lithuania
12 Apr 07
i dont have any pures now but later i think i will have it