Intelligent life in outerspace?

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@juskoday (183)
April 12, 2007 12:16pm CST
I've always been fascinated by how huge this universe is. In history, we were taught that many years ago, people used to believe that the sun revolved around the Earth and that our planet was the center of the universe. One of the reasons why they concluded that because they believed that we, the people, ruled the universe and that our planet was the only one with life in it. When I think about this, I get confused. I believe that in all the universe's vastness, there must me some other form of life. I'm sure there are other solar systems with planets like our own which are conducive to life. I think it's quite arrogant to believe that of all the billions and billions of solar systems, only ours has the ability to make things grow. Do you think there's any intelligent life in outerspace or do you believe that we're all alone in this universe?
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@r0131n (357)
12 Apr 07
I'm so sure that there are other planets out there with life forms. I just wonder who is more advanced. Science fiction films and tv programs like Contact or the X-files sometimes make me wonder if they are already here amongst us. What would they look like? I would feel threatened by them if they for instance look like spiders (I'm afraid of spiders).
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• United States
12 Apr 07
I find it hard to believe that we are the only living creatures in this humongous universes. Once you realize how large our universe is and how small our planet is, it's hard to believe we are the only ones. I'm not sure if the life out there would be classified as "intelligent", but I doubt that we are the only ones.
@jennybianca (12913)
• Australia
13 Apr 07
I think it highly likely that there is life in many places somewhere in the Universe. I can not believe that we are the only ones. Although people have claimed to have found evidence that life from outer space has visited Earth, I think the greater issue is "how can we assume that we are the only lfe in the iniverse, just because we haven't seen 99.9% of space"?