Depression during pregnancy

United States
October 19, 2006 3:34pm CST
It seems as if being pregnant should be one of the best and happiest times of your life. But for many of us it just doesn't turn out that way. The hardest thing is for people to admit that maybe they aren't thrilled to be pregnant. In our culture you are viewed negatively for voicing such opinions. What do you think?
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• Canada
18 Nov 06
I think there are a lot of people who fall into this category, especially when friends, family, and sometimes complete strangers are constantly saying things like "oh, you must be so happy!" and such things as "it's a gift from god"...a pregnant woman's hormones are obviously going to have an impact on her mood, but in addition to that, many women have unplanned pregnancies, and although they may be happy after the baby arrives, perhaps during the pregnancy they are consumed with many other stressful concerns. My cousin was this way-she's so happy that she had her baby, but during the actual pregnancy, she was telling me that she wished she could have her child without going through the whole "pregnancy thing", and she felt really bad about that, as if she was less of a woman, and less of a person because of it. And it's so hard for a woman to voice this, because the world has this belief that all women can't wait to have children.
• Janesville, Wisconsin
18 Nov 06
I think everyone has a right to think and feel their own opinions on if they like being pregnant or not. I personally would Never want to be pregnant or bear a child. If I was pregnant I would be mortified and not happy at all... As far as cultures or traditions go.. there is nothing wrong with feeling different then what your society and culture teaches is the right way, as not every individual agrees or feel the same way about everything and there is nothing wrong with that. Pregnancy experience is different for each individual some people are just fine, and love it, others end up very very sick, and have to deal with extra illnesses others did not. I varies for each individual. I think you have a right to decide and feel if you are happy or not... and if others do not respect your right to feel and express your emotions... Then you need to remember that is their problem... That they are in denial that the truth is Pregancy is NOT always a happy time for everyone.... Take Care Dawnwv and do not let your differences of the mainstream feelings bother you. You are alright to feel differently then others do, there is nothing wrong with this. Some cultures and societies do not understand .. because people of the opposing view never had the courage to speak or express these feelings so they fear it.... So I think You need not to worry about what others think about your feelings, as you have a right to feel however you want to about any situation.... One thing that always upset me in life is how others want to tell other people how they should feel about certain things. Now I understand wanting to make people feel better. But there is nothing wrong with feeling bad or down about something else everyone loves and enjoys. There is nothing wrong with having a different feeling or viewpoint, and the experience is different for each person. Take Care, and remember Pregnancy is just only for a few months :) ... and well.. I can tell you not everyone is always happy about it I have meant plenty of unhappy cranky people who are mad about being pregnant, so I hope that brings a little comfort to you. Take care, - DNatureofDTrain