Are there any peculiar closer situations we should keep an eye on?

United States
April 12, 2007 9:39pm CST
As a fantasy baseball competitor I'm always keeping tabs on relief pitcher, or closer situations on particular teams, for there simply aren't more than 32-40 closers available. And of those pitchers, only 15 are good reliable statistical producers. Nevertheless free agent acquisitions can and are often made throughout the season as one closer after another fails his respective team in the big moment. Although it's early in the season, there are a few teams, pitchers, and situations I'd recommend keeping a close eye on. They are: Florida Marlins Jorge Julio's been getting rocked in the early goings, and he's already blown at least two saves. Management's patience is wearing thin and there's plenty of young pitchers ready and willing to take over the role, if need be. These pitchers are Henry Owens (one save this year, and more than 50 in the minors), Matt Lindstrom (touted as their closer of the future), and Taylor Tankersley (their closer of late last year, whom began this season on the DL) Another situation to keep a close eye on is Kansas City Octavio Dotel is currently on the DL but looks to return soon and reassume the closer role. He's getting old, is injury prone, and has experienced spurts of pitching trouble over the years. David Riske (has been closing in Dotel's absence this season, and has closed games in the past) Joakim Soria (is an unknown and looks to be a very good and deceptive pitcher that MLB batters haven't yet seen. If either one of the above guys fails to impress, management may go to this young phenom before you know it) Are there any other situations or closers that you recommend keeping an eye on to perhaps better your team in the near future? Please do tell.
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