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@MiLaw8 (74)
April 13, 2007 1:32am CST
My boyfriend gave me the password of his friendster account. At first, I open it once in a while just checking if he has a new message and will tell him that he has new message (but I don't read his message since it is a personal matter). Recently, I opened his account and seen that all the message were already read but my curiousity triggered with a message from a girl (it is in his trash already, so happened that it was not permanently deleted). A long time ago, he told me that the said girl has a thing for him, and that he is avoiding it for quite sometime now but the girl is so persistent. However, in the trash message the girl gave him a message telling him how she misses him and that she is so happy that they are fast approaching on their 1st year anniversary, thanking him for the efforts and time that he exerted for her. I confronted him immediately reagrding the matter and he depend himself that she is the one keep chasing on him and that he is trying so hard to avoid the said girl, but he did not get angry with me tha I read the message, instead subtly telling me that I was just jealous to the girl. Question.... Though he was not angry with what I did, Is it wrong that I opened and read his messages???? If you are in my shoes, what would you do???
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