Have you allow God to "wash" your feet?

April 13, 2007 2:23am CST
Acceptance and forgiveness My friend recently broke up with her boyfriend. Looking bak, she can still feel the pain of letting go. Although He belonged to a differnt bilif and culture, she didn't mind. They had a good relationship, and she believed things would work out despite theit religious and cultural differences. But one day, He told her, he he didn't love her enough to be satisfied with her alone. Yes! He was happy with her but there was just this void she could not fill. A bd that longing could lead him to betray her someday. She knew it would bre difficult but she continued loving Him inspite of it. Finally, she decided to let him go and forgave him for the pain. In doing so, it became easier for her to accept that he wasn't meant for her. She realized God has better plans for her. The bottom line was to accept God wants for me and not to stick to what She want! So let Him "wash" her; for His Love to wash over her.
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