Why is it hard to teach your own child?

April 13, 2007 5:46am CST
I am a mother of two, and everytime my children has an assignment or an examination, I find it hard to teach them, my temper is so short that leads to shouting and scolding them. Making me realized after, the harm that I've cause them. But always the same thing happens everytime I teach them.
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@maximax8 (29129)
• United Kingdom
13 Apr 07
I am a primary school teacher. When I am with a class the children are interested in the things I teach them. Schools always have lots of space unlike my home. They have many resources that my home lacks. They have many children around and this encourges all the chidren to work hard. Well, I mean, most of them, some will try to be silly and not get on with their work. Children act differently with their parents at home. There are no other children there and their parent does not have the same authority as a teacher. Teachers are trained to stay calm and patient. Praise can make children want to please the person teaching them. Getting angry and shouting or scoulding children will not encourge their learning. They will want to do something else if the teaching is unpleasant. You could try setting short tasks and then praising your children. Perhaps you could have a sticker chart and they could earn a small prize when they have got ten stars. If they do not understand something try to be calm. Try to give them support. You could read a library book about helping children with homework. My son is 11 years old. He does very well at school but resents doing homework. So I know exactly how difficult it is to get children to do something they dislike. You are a caring parent and it is wonderful that you are trying to help your children.
• Philippines
13 Apr 07
it has a psychological impact on us mothers since we are nurturers and not really "teachers". how much more bad can it get on my part. i'm a teacher myself and i find it hard to teach my own kids. the irony of life, huh? it is best to let them develop their own study habits but, you have to set the limits. kids vary when they start their own way of studying say for example, my eldest daughter would read only if i sit next to her. my second son likes to have a summary of all his lessons for him to read, unsupervised, he would memorize the whole thing. my youngest son likes to have a sample test for him to answer. we just have to be very patient.
@gbolly54 (661)
• Nigeria
13 Apr 07
Hello! I am like you. Honestly, I am never patient when dealing with my children or others while teaching then something. Whereas I am also slow in learning in some aspects, I tend to get impatient with slow learners. Similarly, I could not succeed in teaching my wife how to drive some time ago. Each attempt always led to sharp quarrels. I think some of us are just like that. I envy those who are more patient with their 'students'.